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Welcome Identi-Tape Customers!
Welcome Identi-Tape Customers!

Blue Iridium Color Shifting Tape (150 feet)

Original price $21.50 - Original price $23.00
Original price
$21.50 - $23.00
Current price $21.50
SKU rxomgecko-.75
Width: 3/4'

 *These tapes are 4 mil thick with a paper peel off backing and can be used in conjunction with our tape slitter to make thinner widths.

*These tapes are manufactured by Hoopologie, the top supplier of custom decorative films in the world. 
*We are proud to manufacture in USA.
*Quality and satisfaction are our #1 priority. 
*Quick shipping turnaround, 24-48 hours, product warranty and hassle free returns.
*Hoopologie and its predecessor has been serving the hoop community since 1999, that's 20 years!
*Over 2000 five star reviews.