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Welcome Identi-Tape Customers!
Welcome Identi-Tape Customers!

Green Moonglow Vinyl Photoluminescent Tape

Original price $24.95 - Original price $84.00
Original price
$24.95 - $84.00
Current price $24.95
SKU phLMRgn-1-30
Length: 1" x 30 feet

This tape has AMAZING photoluminescence! It is as bright as any photoluminescent tape we have ever seen!

Its value for brightness after 10 minutes in darkness is 190 mcd/lux/sq.m.
Glows all night (11 hours) with gradually diminishing brightness. Is best used as a luminescent marker on anything you want to find in your tent at night in a hurry; flashlight, water bottle, bear spray, etc. It can be used outdoors too, but intense sun will diminish its lifespan to several years. Moonglow II has a matte finish, conforms well to any surface, is pliable and slightly stretchy, yet has great tensile stregth.

It is great for hoops! It's also GREAT on fishing lures and flies!